Welcome to the official website of  International Award-winning Recording Artist and Motivational Speaker Michelle Brooks-Thompson! You've seen her on NBC's the Voice, TBN's Praise the Lord, Bobby Jones Gospel, performing the National Anthem at professional sporting games and prestigious events, ministering in many churches, venues and concerts all over the country! She comes bringing a powerful and unique  sound to the music industry.  

                                               "Take a pinch of Whitney+ cup of Aretha + 1 tablespoon of Chaka
                                                and a measured amount of Mahalia, stir it up, bake it for a couple
                                                of decades, let it cool then service it up at Apollo Amateur Night
                                                and you have the vocal phenom that is Michelle Brooks-Thompson!"
                                                          -Marion J. Caffey, Producer ShowBiz Stories & former Producer of Amateur Night at the Apollo


If you are  looking to bring Michelle to your next event please  use the Contact page to submit all requests. Michelle is available for all church programs, music concerts, music collaborations, banquets, fundraisers, sporting events and private functions including weddings and funerals.

"My desire is to reach the minds and hearts of people in the world through beautiful melodies and words that speak life, restoration, faith, love and hope! I sing on purpose so that lives' may be touched and people will be inspired to go another day and to not give up on life!" 
Michelle Brooks-Thompson

Michelle's 2022 HIT Single
is available on all digital download and streaming music sites.