Michelle Brooks-Thompson Music, inc


1/08/16- Dr. Karlene Richardson Blog talk Radio Interview
1/27/16- Breaking of Bread Radio Interview, Dr. Richetta Bee
2/9/16- Play "For Colored Girls", Rowan University, NJ 6:00 pm
2/25/16- Lift Every Voice Lecture Series, Spring of Hope COGIC, Springfield, MA 6:00 pm

3/12/16- Flint Lives Matter Gospel Concert, St. Johns Church, Springfield, MA 6:00 pm
3/25/16- God's Kingdom, Loraine, OH 7:00 pm
3/26/16- Clear View Christian Ministries, Detroit, MI 4:00 pm

4/7/16- Taste of UMass, Amherst MA-6:00 pm
4/8/16- New Life Restoration Temple, Dorchester, MA 11:00 am
4/24/16- NBA Boston Celtics, TD Gardens
7:00 pm *National Anthem*

5/7/16- Play "For Colored Girls", Rowan University, Glassboro New Jersey

5/13-14/16- "Taking Off the Mask" Women's Conference Lafayette, LA  

5/26/16- Tree Cat Café,

Easthampton, MA 6:00 pm
5/27/16- Holy Temple Musical , New Jerusalem COGIC, Springfield, MA 10:00 pm
6/9-11/16- "Women on the Rise" Conference, Greater Love Tabernacle, Dorchester, MA
6/23-25- Rhythm of Gospel Awards,
Memphis, TN

7/16/16- We Dream In Color, Chicago, IL
7/21/16- Community Unity, Malden, MA 6:00 pm

7/29/16- Gen IV Dance,

Northampton Academy of Music 7:00 pm
7/30/16- Gen IV Dance,

Northampton Academy of Music
1:00 pm & 7:00 pm

8/2/16- Victory Temple COGIC, West Springfield, MA

8/28/16- Vendors Block Showcase, Randolph, MA 7:00 pm

9/11/16- Faith Festival, Springfield, MA 5:00 pm

9/24/16- *Private Function*, Springfield, MA 6:00 pm

9/25/16- Mount Calvary Church Women's Conference, Dorchester, MA 6:00 pm

9/30/16- Imani Temple 37th Pastoral Anniversary, Copley Square Marriott,

Boston, MA 6:00 pm

10/01/16- Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park
*National Anthem*

10/4/16- NBA Philadelphia 76ers game
*National Anthem*

10/15/16- Play "For Colored Girls",

Rowan University, Glassboro NJ 6:00 pm

10/23/16- NFL Kansas City Chiefs game, Kansas City, MO 1:00 pm *National Anthem*

11/5/16- Dean College, Franklin, MA

*National Anthem* 

11/11/16- Family Church,

  Springfield, MA 7:00 pm

11/12/16- Amherst College, Amherst, MA
*National Anthem*

11/4/16- NAACP Awards Dinner,

Agawam, MA 6:00 pm 
11/19/16- Abundant Life Church, Springfield MA
12/01/16- Tree Lighting Ceremony, West Springfield, MA
12/02/16- Fairfield Christian Center,

Lorain, OH  6:00 pm

12/03/16- Bishop Eric Lloyd Show taping

Impact Network, Detroit MI
12/04/16- Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church, Detroit, MI 11:00 am

12/10/16- Amherst Area Gospel Choir Christmas Concert, Amherst MA 3:00 pm

12/16/16- *Private Function*, Springfield, MA
12/31/16- New Years Eve *Private Function*, Chicopee, MA 6:00 PM

1/14/17- Briana Fund, Evangelical Church, Springfield, MA

1/30/17- Larry Love Blog Talk Radio Interview

2/3/17- NBC Boston Celtics, TD Gardens MA
*National Anthem*

2/21/17- Lift Every Voice, Spring of Hope COGIC, Springfield, MA 6:30 pm

2/24/17- *Private Function*

3/11/17- Women's March for Our Lives, Springfield, MA
3/17/17- *Private Function*, Springfield, MA

3/18/17- Amherst Area Education Awards, Amherst, MA 6:00 pm
3/19/17- Bobby Jones Gospel TV Show,

Nashville, TN 4:00 pm

3/30-31/17- Exodus Revival, Boston, MA 7:00 pm
4/01/17- TBA, Springfield, MA
4/14/17- Good Friday Concert,
Christian Cathedral, Springfield, MA

4/18/17- Apollo Theater, New York City

4/19/17- NBA Boston Celtics, Boston, MA
4/27/17- Community Concert,

 Malden, MA 6:00 pm

5/2/17- NBA Boston Celtics,

Boston, MA

5/5/17- Watch Me Leap Women's Conference, New Life Restoration Temple, Dorchester MA

5/10/17- Apollo Theater, New York City

5/13/17- DMJ Voices Concert, Springfield, MA
5/17/17- Apollo Theater, New York City

5/26/17- Greater Liberty Cathedral,

Bronx, New York

6/10/17-Greater New Hampshire Ecclesiastical Jurisdictional Pre-Musical, Boston, MA 

6/24/17- BBCC Choir Anniversary, Holyoke, MA

7/20/17- Grace Worship Center, Hartford, CT

7/29/17- Gen IV Dance, Academy of Music, Northampton, MA
7/30/17- W/ Gen IV Dance, Academy of Music, Northampton, MA

8/3/17- Victory Temple, West Springfield, MA
8/26/17-New Life Temple of Holiness, Brockton MA
8/30/17- MotherWoman Summer End Gala, Holyoke, MA
9/3/17- Spring of Hope COGIC, Springfield, MA
9/9/17-Jam Fest, Springfield, MA
9/10/17- Faith Festival USA, Springfield, MA

9/17/17- MLB Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa FL

9/20/17- Westover Job Corps, Chicopee MA
10/04/17- Private Event, Manhattan, NY
10/07/17- Gospel Stage Play "Women Shoptalk While Real Men Wait", Atlanta, GA
10/14/17- Hands Up, Guns Down Concert 

Temple Hill, MD

10/27/17- Tabernacle of Deliverance for All People,  Harlem, NY
11/08/17- Boston Celtics, National Anthem
Boston, MA 

11/11/17- Andre Dubois CD Release Concert

Boston, MA

11/22/17- Apollo Theater, Top Dog Finals,
New York City

12/16/17- BID Holiday Winterfest,
Springfield, MA 

12/25/17-  Boston Celtics Christmas Day Game
Boston, MA 

Upcoming Performances 

Meet Michelle at the Apollo

on November 22nd, 2017 at the

Super Top Dog Finals